Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hornet’s nests

There is no getting away from it, Spaniards are noisy by nature. For example, we have never lived anywhere where fireworks are set off all year round and in the daytime when you can’t see them!

On the roads they are noisy and aggressive. The mopeds and scooters that young men ride are noisy because they ram a broom handle up the exhaust to break the baffles. A 50cc moped with its baffles removed gains street credibility even though it still struggles to get up the hill past our house to La Pedrera. Madness!

In Torrevieja they have had enough of this and so the local police there are mounting a campaign over the next few months to clamp down on noisy mopeds. Any vehicles fond which do not have an ITV (equivalent of MOT) or are outside the noise limits will be impounded and won’t be allowed back on the road until they have passed an ITV test. 

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