Thursday, July 01, 2010

Almost there

It has been a long two weeks but we are now almost there. Pam and I had set out to clear her father’s house and get it ready for market and that is what we have done.

The task was not made easy by the fact that nothing had ever been thrown away. To make matters worse though, none of it was sorted. We found old photographs in at least three locations including the garage. Household bills were just everywhere, in the kitchen cupboards, in dressing table drawers and in wardrobes. The paperwork was all left in the original envelopes including the advertising rubbish that came with it. There were over fifty boxes of slides to look atand a mountain of letters and newspaper cuttings to sift through.

As for crockery and glassware; there were umpteen sets – some hardly used. A lot of the stuff had been inherited from relatives who had past away. Much of it was fairly cheap everyday ware but amongst it all there were some valuable pieces of china which we have kept.

Yesterday, the people who we got in to clear the house took three van loads to the tip and a further van load to charity shops. At least we know that means the decent stuff will have another life including the three ducks I posted on my Flickr 365 album.

A few high moments; Pam found £1260 in notes silver and the gold jewellery brought a further £680 so her father can have a few more weeks at the care home!

Job done, we can enjoy a few relaxing days with our eldest daughter in Wolves and then fly home for a rest.

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