Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleep walkers

The road where Pam and I live is so quiet. Hardly anyone walks past the house except in the summer when groups of young people stray down from the swimming pool at La Pedrera heading back into the town.

So why is it so popular in the middle of the night when all the good folk are asleep? Whenever anyone goes past at night, the two dogs across the road do their duty and bark their heads off. The message is then passed onto the dogs further down the road who join in. In the winter, when the windows are shut it would not matter but in summer when the windows are open at night it is damn annoying.

Last night I must have been woken at least three times. First you hear the dogs, then the people’s voices and finally the dogs settle and sleep returns but only for a short time.

I can only imagine what these people might be up to visiting the leisure zone in the early hours of the morning. Actually , the truth is I don’t really care but I do wish they would take a different route home that didn’t pass my house.

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