Friday, July 16, 2010

It rained on St Swithin’s day

I love the fact that we wake up each morning in the summer knowing that the weather will be good, knowing that there is no need to consult the paper to see whether it will be fine. We don’t have to wonder whether it will be safe to venture out without an umbrella because the chances of rain are almost nil. It is a little overcast this morning but it won’t last. As soon as the sun gets high enough, the clouds will burn away.

OK, I admit there are days when it is very hot and even the lightest of tasks feels like an exertion. On those days I would hate to have a job outside in the blazing heat of the sun but I don’t. When it is too hot, I can dip in the pool, sit under a sun umbrella or even stay inside with the air conditioning turned on if I so wish. Being soaked with sweat might not be pleasant but it beats being soaked by cold rain any day.

I’m telling you all this because our friends; Rachael, David, Gillian and Steve are all returning to England within the next few days. Both couples have been out to their holiday homes for about a month or so and look really well for it. Tanned, relaxed and with smiles on their faces, you can see how much they have benefited from time in Bigastro.

image What can they expect to face on their return to Blighty? It could be anything from gales and heavy rain to gentle summer sun or maybe, if they are really lucky, a heat wave that lasts more than a day. 

If St Swithin’s day tales are to be believed, it will be rain because it rained on Thursday. Beaches were battered by strong winds and some areas had an inch of rain. According to legend, if it rains on St Swithin’s day, you can expect 40 days of bad weather.

If that is the case, then our friends tans will start to fade, the smiles will give way to frowns and frustration will set in as they realise that their plans for summer events are constantly thwarted by the British weather. Give them a week of bad weather and they will wish to be back in Bigastro.

People ask me, “would I ever consider going back to England?” Not for a town hall clock! I don’t do rain and I don’t do wind.

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Maz said...

I agree with you 100%. I hate the grey; the damp; the wind etc etc.

Just as soon as is possible we will be packing our bags and on our way.

Within a week of being back in the UK I was wishing I was back in Spain. No tell a lie - we got to the Spanish/French border and I wanted to turn back and stay in Spain. As for the relaxed state I was in well that lasted for about a week.