Thursday, July 15, 2010

He came and went

The man who installed our air conditioning arrived yesterday afternoon to sort out the unit in the bedroom in particular and to a lesser extent the one in the lounge.

The split units were installed five years ago and so I reasoned that they might be low on gas. After Emilio and his son inspected the bedroom unit, they came to the same conclusion. Although the fan blows air through, it neither cools nor dries it making the room uncomfortable to sleep in at night.

Unfortunately they had no bottles of gas in the van, so they will be coming back on Friday morning to complete the job.

That made for a restless night again. This time though the dogs weren’t barking but I did hear cars going down Calle Le Vigan during the early hours of the morning and not just one or two. In the time I was awake, there must have been half a dozen or more. Maybe I should make a trip up to La Pedrera one night to find out what is going on or maybe not!. I’m probably better off not knowing!

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