Thursday, July 22, 2010

That looks familiar

imageI have over 16,000 digital images stored on my computer; over 1,000 of them are on Flickr and about 2,000 on Picasa from my blog. There are also a few hundred of my pictures hosted on the Bigastro web site.

So the chances of one of my photographs turning up on a web site or in a newspaper somewhere are pretty high. I don’t go looking for them but when I see one, I usually recognise it straight away.

Whilst I was scouring the Spanish papers for a story this morning, I came across this one in EuroWeekly. It is an article which explains that Spain has the lowest crime rate in Europe which is of course excellent news for those of us who live here.

What jumped out at me though was not the story but the photograph of Guardia Civil agents. It looked familiar and then I realised it was one I took at the May Fair in Torrevieja.

My photographs on Flickr have a license that allows people to use my images and so EuroWeekly have every right to publish the picture. I’m kind of flattered that they should want to do so and they have credited it to me.

Let me explain that I’m not into photography to make money, it is just an expensive hobby really. In any case, I can’t complain, I have used pictures from online sources, including newspapers to illustrate my blog so it is tit for tat.


Pete said...

Congratulations! It's always a nice feeling to be published, but do you ever notice that people never use your favourite photos?

That's a good one, and it illustrates the story well. Bravo!

Anonymous said...