Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A rubbish case

Following the recent corruption scandal about the awarding of lucrative rubbish collection contracts, entitled ‘Caso Brugal' , several representatives have released statements explaining their role in investigations including the Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente, whose offices were among those raided by the National Police.

Ms Lorente stressed that all of the documents seized are “public and transparent”, and that it was “a low key affair and everyone collaborated with the National Police at all times”. The investigating officers only wanted documents from the three offices of the Councillors Manolo Abadia, Antonio Rodriguez Murcia and Gines Sanchez and in no case from their private addresses. Ms Lorente went on to say that nine hours later the Councillors were required to accompany the Police to make a “brief statement”, before leaving amicably. Local Businessman, Angel Fenoll, and his son, Antonio Ángel Fenoll, were also held for questioning.

According to sources from the ‘Tribunal Superior de Justicia de la Comunitat Valenciana’ (TSJCV), the five defendants gave statements, in connection with crimes of fraud, embezzlement, influential activity for personal gain and bribery. The three Oriolano Councillors were released, whilst Angel Fenoll was charged with five offences relating to fraud, with a provisional prison sentence pending bail of 300,000 Euros, and his son the same with bail pegged at 100,000 Euros.  Meanwhile, the future of the President of the Provincial Council, Jose Joaquín Ripoll and four of his counterparts, hangs in the balance, with various charges still pending. However, the Judge has ruled not to deny his freedom at this stage.

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