Friday, July 02, 2010

How dozy are we?

Everything had gone so well with our trip to England, we just knew that a mistake was waiting to happen. This morning we set off from the hotel we were staying at. The taxi arrived on time and whisked us to Liverpool Lime Street in minutes.

We checked the departure board at the station to find our train to Wolves would be leaving from platform 8. Lo and behold, the train was there waiting for us. However, what we did not realise that the train was actually the one before ours – still going to Wolves but more with expensive tickets.

No problem, we could simply get off the train at the next station and wait  half an hour for ours to arrive. What we did not realise that the next train would come in at a different platform so we missed that. At this point Pam’s sandal broke so she was hobbling around with a heavy suitcase and two bags. That was three things and as everyone knows,  bad luck comes in threes.

Fortunately the next train to Wolves came in on the platform we were on and the guard accepted our excuse and let us carry on with the journey. So we are on he last stage of our trip. This is the fun part where we get to go to BBQs and a christening.

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