Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I’m getting excited now

Pam and I love the local fiesta in August and look forward to it each year. This year it will be even more special because we have the family coming out to stay and the 15th just happens to be be our 40th wedding anniversary. I don’t think they celebrate ruby weddings here in Spain but you can be sure that we will.

There isn’t room at Casa “el Willo” for all the family to stay so they will be holed up at Casa Bermuda just round the corner. Crammed into the three bedroom house will be our youngest daughter, Laura, her boyfriend Dave, our granddaughter Molly, Dave’s mum and dad (Joan and BC) along with our eldest daughter Jemma and her boyfriend Dan.

At the same time, our very good friends Glenys and Peter will be staying at Peter’s brother’s holiday home at Cabo Roig just 15 minutes or so away. I make that ten adults and a baby, I hope there is enough room in our pool for them all!

PS I apologise in advance to our neighbours for the noise we might make.

PPS I got the shopping list of items that Laura and Dave can’t get into their cases; mainly toiletries for them but a whole load of items to keep their five month old baby going. That is on top of all the things that Pam and I have already bought to keep our granddaughter happy on her first visit to Spain.

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