Sunday, July 18, 2010

An invitation

Hi Keith,
Firstly may I thank you for your daily updates which although I don't live in Bigastro I always read and enjoy.  Entre Naranjos has recently become a village in it's own right and this week we are having a fiesta to celebrate. It is on Mon, Tues, Wed 19th, 20th, 21st July from 9.00am-6.00pm although people are welcome to stay as long as they wish and they can also visit the local bars or go to the golf club for a drink and to enjoy the wonderful views.  Exite radio are doing a live road show with many superb acts, including street dancing, keep fit, Abba Elite and many more. On Wednesday there is a classic car show starting at 1.00pm. Each day there will also be 100 market stalls. The opening speeches are at 1.00pm on Monday. We would like to invite all our neighbours from Bigastro to join us in this historic event. We are as passionate about Entre Naranjos as you obviously are about Bigastro and I think it is a nice idea for villages to communicate with each other.
Best Wishes,
Gill Reynolds

Thank you for that information GIll which, as you can see I have passed on via my blog. 

When we first moved to Bigastro people described Entre Naranjas as the lost city because it did not seem to have an identity. It is great to hear that you have now found ourselves and even have your own fiesta which I hope is well supported.

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