Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wall to wall fun and enjoyment

Is it any wonder that summer is our favourite season of the year. We have the sunshine, the warm nights and best of all, the activities of summer to look forward to.

The big news at the moment is of course the final of the World Cup between Spain and Holland on Sunday. Pam and I have invited our friends Rachael and David around for a BBQ that night so they can enjoy the game with us. We have our fingers, toes and everything else crossed for a good result.

Then there is the Tour de France followed later by the Vuelta de España which, as I have mentioned before comes to Orihuela this year.

Most of all, Pam and I are looking forward to our family coming to visit in August for the local fiesta. It will be a special occasion for us because the night of San Joaquín happens to coincide with our 40th wedding anniversary.

Before that though we have the parades for Moors and Christians in Orihuela. For the past couple of years we watched the parades with scout John. We sincerely hope we will be able to accompany him again this year and maybe, if the time is right, our friends Rachael and David will come along with us. The dates for this year are the 12th to the 18th so I imagine the parades will be on the 16th and 17th. If memory serves me right, it is the turn of the Christians to parade on the Friday.

Days languishing by the pool, evenings dining outside wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a T-shirt – life does not get any better than this – esto es jauja truly sums it up.

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