Friday, July 09, 2010


Raquel Those of you who were at the flute concert where Raquel Diaz performed will know just how talented this 17 year old girl is.

When she finishes school this year Raquel plans to go to music school to continue her studies. The young lady therefore applied to the Conservatoires in Barcelona, Zaragoza and Murcia.

There was stiff competition for places and Raquel had to face gruelling theory and practical exams at all three. The good news is that she was accepted by both Barcelona and Murcia and has chosen to go to the Conservatori Municipal de Música de Barcelona where she enjoyed working with the Professor of Music.

Raquel now faces four years of intense study after which she hopes to go to Switzerland to continue her learning.

I asked her yesterday when she might be ready to start work and she replied, “never”. I hope for her father’s sake that is not true!

I also asked if she had a boyfriend to which she replied, "music is my boyfriend". I imagine a lot of young bigastrenses will be disappointed to hear that.

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