Monday, July 05, 2010

Archie’s Christening

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If the main purpose of our visit to England was to sort out Pam’s father's house, then the highlight was the parties in Wolverhampton.

Friday we had a BBQ at our daughter Jemma’s house. Saturday was the turn of Erica and Colin (her granddad) to celebrate their birthdays in Solihull. She was three and he was sixty.

Yesterday we were back in Solihull for the christening of Archie Timbrell.

It was a golden opportunity to get some pictures of the children there. From left to right; Erica (the three year old daughter of Lee and Laura), our granddaughter Molly. On the bottom row are Grace and Zack who are the children of Jarod, the brother of Laura – cousins to Archie.

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