Monday, July 19, 2010

Two guesses

imageI’ll give you two guesses as to what we can expect weather-wise this week. OK, you have already cheated and looked at the chart.

Whilst we were in England, the weather was very good – warm and pleasant with only the odd bit of cloud to mar our pleasure. Pam remarked that there was no better place to be when the weather was like that.

Unfortunately, as those of us who have lived in England know, that sort of weather rarely lasts. When our youngest daughter phoned last night she told us that pleasant sunshine had given way to rain and cold.  She thinks that is why our granddaughter Molly has now caught her first cold.

Dosed up with Calpol and Tixylix, we hope little Molly gets over her cold soon.

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Pete said...

It's all my fault. Because my car is being repaired I did the great British rain dance and got my motorbike out!