Friday, July 09, 2010

Time to get out the neon rave lycra

The Fiesta Commission in collaboration with the Metrodanceclub have organised what used to be called a rave which they entitle METRO EVENT OUTDOORS for this Saturday starting at midnight.

The event will be a journey through dance music from 1987 to the present day presented by DJ JUSTO, DJ MIGUE, DJ CHARLYE, DAVID BORDALAS and JESÚS ORTEGA.

With more than 20,000 watts of sound, lights, DJs and the personal seal of the Metrodanceclub, this promises to be an exciting prelude to the August Fiesta for San Joaquín.

Before you rush out to buy your earplugs, I should point out that the event will take place at the Polideportivo Municipal which is hopefully far enough away for us to still enjoy our beauty sleep.

PS I do hope the people who attend the event still have enough energy left to get behind Spain on Sunday.

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