Friday, November 25, 2011

Bigger is better - right

Those of you who were interested enough to read my post about the Panasonic bridge camera may be wondering why, if this camera is so damn good do people like me buy expensive DSLRs.

In the days of film you could buy cameras that took miniature film that were very good but for real quality, most of us had larger format cameras (35mm and above). Generally speaking, the larger the film size, the better the results you obtained.

It is exactly the same with digital, the larger the sensor, the better the quality of the pictures. Compact cameras have tiny little sensors to fit inside their slim cases. Most DSLRs have what are called crop sensors but mine has a full sized 35mm sensor. That is what makes the camera both bulky and expensive. For me, the results I get far outweigh those issues.

So whilst the Panasonic bridge camera might be very good, excellent in fact, it cannot compete for quality with my DSLR. And if I was a studio photographer taking portraits and still life for a living, I would have an even bigger medium format digital. 

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