Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cat wars

I read this morning about the war that is going on between cat owners and other residents at Complejo Terrace, Los Balcones. The owners are concerned that there have been several attacks on cats. In some cases the animals have been beaten close to death and in others they have been poisoned.

The problem seems to mainly centre around a feral cat which has taken to living in the area and has already had several litters of kittens. The issue is about the amount of cat faeces that have been found in public spaces especially the area surrounding the pool.

Unlike dogs, which can be easily kept on your property, cats are not easily put off by fences and gates and will roam wherever they please. They will also use whatever area they choose as their toilet - especially feral cats that have not been trained from birth to use a cat litter tray. Pam and I have plenty of evidence of this in our garden and especially on our roof terrace from the feral cat that our neighbours looked after.

Owners of cats must accept that, the rest of us do not appreciate the smell and the mess that their pets create – it is foul to say the least. Not only that but it is unhygienic. The fact that there is a huge market for cat deterrents shows the extent of the issue and the bad feeling that non owners have towards these animals and the mess they create.

Pam and I would never stoop so low as to hurt  a cat or any other animal come to that. Whilst we are sorry that our neighbours have now left, we are pleased that we will no longer be plagued by the mess that their feral cat left in our garden. Neither will we be sorry to see and end to  the dead rabbits and birds that she brought to us.

Whilst I fully understand the distress that cat owners feel in Complejo Terrace, I can also appreciate the strong feelings of the people who want rid of the problems they cause.

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