Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have said many times on this blog that there are many talented people in this town, it is just extraordinary.

The most obvious talent is of course for music but it doesn’t stop there because we find singers, dancers, sports people etc –so many people with astonishing abilities you would not expect in such a small town.

One such amazing talent is Lola Lorente who has carved a name for herself in the field of illustration.

Pam and I were privileged to attend the opening of an exhibition of her drawings in the park by the new post office.

Let me first tell you a little about this prodigious talent.


Lola Lorente was born in Bigastro in 1980. She has published in comic magazines such as NSLM, Humo, Tos. She has collaborated as an illustrator for the Spanish newspapers "Público" and "La Vanguardia". She won the INJUVE award of illustration and she was nominated as the best new author at the International Comic Festival of Barcelona. Nowadays she lives in A Coruña and works as a freelance illustrator and comic maker.

IMG_4630 And now she has published a book of her work.

Taking five years to produce, ‘Sangre de mi Sangre’ is filled with her delightful drawings which have been skilfully produced in pen and ink. Pam and I were so pleased this morning when Lola’s brother Rafa, who has done a lot of work for at our house, came up especially to bring us a complimentary copy.

Watch out for a poster which will advertise the official launch of the book.

You can find out more about Lola at and follow her blog at

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