Saturday, November 05, 2011

You can’t please all of the people, all of the time

In relation to the comments about the privatisation of the indoor swimming pool in Bigastro, the spokesperson for the socialists, Raúl Valerio Medina, reminds us that his party drafted a specification for this very idea back in 2008. At that time, the PP, who were in opposition, rejected the proposal.

In Medina’s view, the socialists faced problems, complaints and met with the people to work out solutions to problems whereas the present government team simply make decisions, leave the people uninformed and postpone meetings with them.

The way I see it, the socialists got the town into a financial mess which the new council are trying to sort out. However, every decision that the new council takes to cut expenditure is being challenged, not by the opposition but by petitions made by the people. This is a new tactic that we haven’t really seen before in the town.

We can liken Bigastro to Greece where the people clearly do not relish the measures that have to be taken to secure the next tranche of bailout money. The alternatives to firm fiscal control in both Greece and Bgastro are much the same.  At some point the people of the town will have to accept that is the reality of the situation.

We have to ask ourselves which is worse, having the swimming baths closed during the winter or the local infant school without a proper electricity supply for months on end?

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