Sunday, November 06, 2011

We really don’t like it

Because our house is on a hill and is open at the back, we are susceptible to the wind when it blows from the west.

In the past, we have lost fencing (both real and plastic cane) and had a table flying over the car. We therefore take precautions before winter approaches; sunbeds are folded and stacked, the table that replaced the one which flew is moved to the porch along with the chairs,  loose items are put away and I cover the ventilators in the back door with pieces of foam rubber to stop the wind howling through them.

The main change we have made this year has been to replace the green netting with sheets of powder coated, perforated steel set on sturdy posts. We might have wanted something a little less transparent but knowing how strong the wind can be, it would have been foolish. The design we chose allows the wind to pass through. Anything that offered more resistance could well have pulled the wall down.

Yesterday was very windy, getting worse as the day went on - we can expect another day of strong winds today and then it should calm down as we move into next week. 

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