Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boy did it rain

It rained on and off all of yesterday and of course the roads were flooded both here in Bigastro and in Torrevieja where we went shopping. Wisely, we stayed clear of the town centre where the problems are always worse but even the road outside Carrefour had a lake across it.

Inside Carrefour was mostly dry except for the newly set out information technology section where they had to place buckets to collect the water coming through the roof. You could see the water running down by the lights and then dripping down just missing the display of laptops. It all looked a bit precarious to me.

The worst period though was between 8 and 9pm when the rain came down with such force you could clearly hear above the sound of the television. At first we wondered what it was until we opened the front door and saw it battering on the pavement.

The good news is that it will be mostly dry today but the bad news is that the rain will return tonight and tomorrow it will be heavy again. Monday it should dry up and stay dry with just the odd shower for the rest of the week.

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