Thursday, November 03, 2011

Horses for courses

One of my readers, Bill says of Ryanair, “None of this makes any difference to me - I haven't flown Ryanair for some years and won't ever again unless there is no viable alternative. Being a Scot I like to "save a bawbee or two" as much as anyone, but life is far too short to subject myself to that company's charms ever again.”

I have to confess that we have never flown Ryanair so it would be unfair of me to comment. I do know many who have and seem be have been satisfied with the level of service they recieved.  I have flown with EasyJet who operate the same sort of bun fight for seats and I didn’t much care for that.

Pam and I fly by preference. We prefer the hours of their flights to and from Manchester and we appreciate the 22kg luggage allowance. When we can’t find a flight, we usually plump for Monarch whose luggage allowance is a little less at 20kgs.

In the end it is “horses for courses”. As Bill says, if you want the cheapest possible flight then Ryanair are probably the ones to go with. 

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