Monday, November 07, 2011

Well worth the trip

The fair held at IFA near to Alicante airport in previous years was just a showcase for British companies selling goods to ex-pats. The first year we went it was interesting but then with successive years there was less to see and far fewer people there.

lifestyle_image-614x1024 This year they renamed the event the ‘International Lifestyle & Expo Fiesta’ and so we thought we’d go along. There were very few stalls selling British products this time, instead there were stalls selling food and products from Spain and South America. Along with the selling though were displays of costumes for Moors and Christian parades along with associated items like shoes. A large part of the hall was taken up by the Ayuntamiento de Villena.

At the back of the hall was an area set out for performances by various groups along with a timetable of when they would take place. We managed to catch the flamenco dancing display which had a Moors and Christian theme to it.

You can see my photos from the day here.

PS The British stall that seemed to attract most attention was Mister Magic -interesting!

PPS There was a stall advertising fireworks made in Elche including those fabulous  confetti bombs you see at weddings and other celebrations. I’d love to take one of those over for my daughter’s wedding next year but unfortunately it would not be allowed on the plane - even in our hold luggage!

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