Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jobs for grabs

20111123_disneyWhen there are no jobs locally, you have to look further afield to find work. Susi, the sister of Evaristo,  told us she had taken an intense course in English to improve her command of the language. She is now in London, looking for a job there. As she told us, there is little to be found in this area, so the only thing left is to try elsewhere.

Pam and I both hope that she has found something worthwhile and is enjoying the British weather.

On the Bigastro web site this morning I spotted this poster advertising jobs at Disneyland, Paris. The main qualification, apart form a willingness to work, is that you speak French. Damn it, they are even putting on a bus to take you to the interview.

I hope that this helps some of the young people from the town who I know are desperate to find employment. It is certainly worth a try!

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