Friday, November 25, 2011

Ready for the snow

Since living here, we have only seen one tiny flurry of snow that lasted less than an hour on the ground. It therefore comes as a surprise to find that Alicante province has 17 snow ploughs along with 243,000 litres of brine and 1,650 tons of salt in readiness for this winter. They also have seven fixed weather stations, two mobile stations, eight bulldozers, four graders and a sweeper. That is quite an arsenal of equipment to guard against bad weather.
Whilst snow might be a very rare occurrence along the southern coastal strip of Spain, a little further inland, on higher ground, it is a regular feature during winters and so they have to be prepared for it.  Unlike in Britain where it may snow a lot one year but not the next, you can guarantee that there will be snow at the ski resorts of Spain every year.

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