Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Putting a figure to it

For those who like facts and figures, the rain yesterday produced 34.8 litres of water per square metres with 123.8 millilitres falling in just one hour at 6am. The total for the day was 36.4 litres per square metre making this November an above average month for rain. This year we have already had 246.4 litres of rain against an average of 291 per year.

Rural roads in Spain are not very well designed to take away rain water. The storm drain that takes the water from La Pedrera works very well until it funnels out onto the road just where the park is. Then it meets the river of water coming down Calle La Cañada and runs down the road. Water coming off the land to the left joins it forming a yellow river of water that continues until it reaches the water collector at the junction with the road over to the reservoir.

If only the storm drain from La Pedrera continued down the road with another one  on the left, things would be a lot better. Yesterday, the intensity of the rain did not just bring mud onto the road, there were fair sized rocks littered about as well. Hit those with your car and you would have had a bad back and ruined suspension.

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