Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Spain is noisy and that is official!

According to the World Health Organisation, Spain ranks second behind Japan as the noisiest country in the world – no surprise there then.

Exposure to excessive noise can cause numerous health problems ranging from insomnia, headaches, stress, hypertension, fatigue to an increased cardiovascular risk . The greatest danger though is to our hearing.

Now, a study conducted by Gaes, the firm of experts on issues related to hearing, shows that 45% of the inhabitants of Orihuela have trouble sleeping because of noise. I imagine that Saturday nights are worst for them and anytime during the Moors and Christian fiesta.

We are lucky because it is generally quiet where we live but imagine living in one of those flats in the centre of town especially during fiestas. With a disco playing outside at full volume until the early hours of the morning, it must be impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

The greatest source of noise is the people. Put a few Spaniards together and pretty soon the level of conversation will rise up to levels that can be heard from some distance, as they all talk at the same time. And give them something to celebrate; the fireworks come out followed by the loud disco music. Even in their cars, young Spaniards will turn the stereo up so loud that you can hear it from well outside. 

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