Saturday, November 05, 2011

The picture I was after

2011-11-12_IMG_2011-11-05_02.18.46__SVB008VB001_201832.jpgThis picture, published in the newspaper Informacion, is exactly what I wanted for my Project 365 today. It shows low lying clouds shrouding the bottom of the mountains behind Orihuela.

Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily at the time and I was not overly keen to test out the waterproofing on my DSLR camera.

When Pam and I returned from our weekly shopping, the rain had cleared but then so had the low lying cloud.

PS If I mention the phrase, “hay niebla”, one of my readers will understand why I was keen to take this picture. 

1 comment:

Pete said...

Hay niebla!

Love it! :D