Tuesday, May 01, 2012

All to play for

From my meagre understanding, football is as much about psychology as it is about skill. When you are up and winning games, you have faith in yourselves, when you are beat and loosing, you lack confidence.

Several weeks ago, United had eight clear points from their rivals City and what seemed an easier run in to the end of the season. Now they are neck and neck with City leading on goal difference.

Many said the derby match last night would not be a critical match for either team, even my son-in-law said it and he is about as expert on these matters as anyone you would wish to meet. The thought was that the league would have been decided either way before last night but it wasn’t and the next two games will be critical for both teams.

CIty’s boss, Mancini said that United would still win the league even if the two teams drew last night. They didn’t draw though so where does that leave us? Those people who have already printed Champions T-shirts in red may have to go back and change the colour to pale blue.

To be fair, City have lead the field for so much of the season, they deserve to get their first title since 1968 and if United play the last two games the same as last night, they deserve to loose it. Just don’t tell Dave I said that! 

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