Monday, May 21, 2012

A very productive meeting

It was very encouraging to see so many turn up for the follow up meeting with Aurelio and to bring forward many good ideas about how we could make his proposed project work.

I think we can be certain that there will be a very good response to the idea of helping Spanish children from Bigastro to improve their English, both from the children themselves and from their parents. As Aurelio said, there will be more takers than spaces. He will make sure that only those who are strongly committed and capable of benefitting will be selected.  

I personally believe that Aurelio is right to talk about charging for the privilege – not to make any profit for either us or the town hall but to ensure that this is seen as important by the children and their parents. Although we would not want to disadvantage children from homes with little money, I think we can trust Aurelio to find the means to make sure this does not happen.

Once we have got together with the children and broken the ice, I hope that many of us will form good lasting relationships that will be rewarding to both the children and ourselves.

When I get a resume of the ideas from Aurelio, I will post it on this blog. In the meantime, you can either contact me at or Aurelio at if you have any further suggestions or you would like to participate but were unable to attend the meeting. 

Thank you once again to those who made it to the meeting. 

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