Tuesday, May 01, 2012

That was some party

The two footballers who own the house next door don’t come up here very often to use the house. Mainly, it is used for parties when they invite friends around for a barbecue. They are usually noisy affairs where the children scream at the tops of their voices.

Yesterday though was something very different. The ladies had been up to the house the week before to clean everywhere up and that should have been a clue. In the morning they arrived with all the paraphernalia they needed to decorate the outside ready. First off was a long table with chairs either side where the forty children were going to sit. Then there was black netting to cover the walls at the bottom. They strung balloons along the fence between the houses and stuck butterflies and other items to it. There was a large poster stuck to the house wall which looked lie a rural scene from a children’s book and posts with ropes to provide an entrance from the main gates. They even put down carpet over the concrete. Of course, a sound system had to be brought in with a speaker on a stand and finally they erected a bouncy castle in the road.

About five pm the guests arrived and they organised sack races and other games for the children. Then the children sat down to eat whilst the adults supervised. Later, more adults arrived and the party by this time was in full swing and was still going strong at midnight when I went to bed. The music had been turned off by that stage, it was mainly the children screaming at the tops of their voices that I could hear. Fortunately our bedroom is on the other side of the house. By closing all the shutters and the bedroom door, I was able to restore peace to Casa El Willo.

When I went out to survey the debris this morning, I was pleased to find that they had cleared most of it up. On our side of the fence there was just a burst balloon and what looked like a cake that had managed to fly over!

So a minor inconvenience really for what I imagine was a superb party for all the invited guests.

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