Friday, May 25, 2012

Sir Jonathan Ive

It was while he was at university that Jonathan Ive first encountered an Apple Mac. Having considered himself to be technically inept, he was amazed to find a computer that he could use. “I suddenly realised that it wasn’t me at all. The computers that I had been expected to use were absolutely dreadful.”

That experience made Ive curious about Apple and the people behind it. Later, at Tangerine, the design agency he co-founded, he worked for Apple as a consultant. Twenty years ago, he moved to California to join the company full time.

Ive went on to design first, the fruit coloured iMacs, the iPods, the iPhones and the iPads. Each has been a revolutionary product that has changed our whole concepts of these devices in such a way that rival companies often refer to their products as Apple beaters which is of course a huge compliment.

I must confess that our house is not entirely an Apple stronghold because my desktop computer runs Windows 7. However, we do have two iPods, an iPad and I recently bought a MacBook Pro. Pam and I love the elegance of Apple products and the fact you can just use them without having to think about the complexities of how they work.

For his contribution to industry, Ive has now been honoured by the Queen with a knighthood. For all I know, she probably has an iPad herself to surf the net. If she hasn’t then I am sure she will receive one real soon. 

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