Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Car chase ends in carnage

When the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja spotted an Audi A6 being driven by someone known to them, they gave chase. The driver, who had just recently being released from jail and had a history of burglary, sped off dodging lights and other cars on the road. Finally he hit a parked car, lost control and managed to destroy eight cars in the process, two of which were overturned. 

As the miscreant tried to flee the scene, the agents drew their guns and got him to lie down on the road where they handcuffed him.

Incidents like this  always raise the question of whether the police should give chase to runaway cars. Does the danger that these kind of chases pose to other road users, the risk of someone being hurt outweigh the benefits of catching the criminal at all costs? I dare say the owners of the parked cars have a view on this.

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