Saturday, May 26, 2012

A novel experience

2010-05-27_IMG_2010-05-20_01.57.49__J1202VEGA.jpg May 2010, we visited the home of Maria Antonio Guil Vegara just outside Orihuela. The purpose of our visit was the presentation of her book “La Olivera” which was inspired by the olive tree in the garden of her house.

It was a memorable occasion, not only because of the book, but also because tables were laden with all manner of home made food the like of which we hadn’t encountered before.

Later, Guil Vegara came to the Auditorium to present us with our end of year reports.

Yesterday, in the library, the authoress presented her two latest books, “Carta a un rey invisible”  and “El deseo del dragón” which she described as tales from her childhood which are suitable for readers of all ages. 

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