Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Town honours a great teacher


Today, in the Auditorium, Bigastro will recognise the work of a teacher who was determined to bring culture to rural youth. The City Council have appointed Joseph Nieto Nieto, who served as a teacher in the town between 1947 and 1965, as its adopted son. At the ceremony will be his widow and the authors of a book written about Nieto which includes testimonies from some of his students.

Nieto is remembered for his work in convincing labourers to send their children to school. In his time, he tripled the number of children going to school. Thus he ensured that young bigastrense were not condemned to work on the farm because they were illiterate. He also helped families who had no money and gave private lesson to their sons.

In 1984, the town honoured Nieto by naming one of the streets after him. 


antonio fuentes said...

Thanks to cooperate publishing the event. This teacher was fundamental for us having the opportunity to obtain university degrees. Even more he was a reference for us with his personal liberal attitude, even in difficult times when expressing personal ideas was not easy.

antonio fuentes said...

Dear Mr. Williamson,
Thanks a lot for the excellent quality of the video about the Corpus Christi celebration. It gives us, the ones living far from Bigastro, good images about the event and our friends participating in the different ceremonies. Please keep on. (Antonio Fuentes)