Friday, May 11, 2012

That makes some sense

When they opened the new terminal at Alicante, I did wonder what were the plans for the parking area in front of the old terminal which currently stands empty.

When Pam and I fly to the UK, we use a company called Plane Parking to look after our car. The deal is, you drop the car off outside departures at Alicante where you find someone waiting to take it away. On your return, you pick the car back up just outside departures. It is a lot cheaper than leaving your car in the main car park and you get a complimentary car wash on return.

There are a number of other companies that offer long term parking at the airport but in most other cases you drop the car off at their facilities, then they shuttle you to the airport in a minibus. We’ve used Victoria Parking who operate in this way. It works but is not as convenient as Plane Parking’s system. 

However, the answer to long term parking may now be resolved by Aena who intend to turn the old car park into long stay parking. They say  it is in response to what they call “illegal”  long stay parking around the airport. The only issue for me is, the car park is a longish walk from the new terminal. If you have heavy cases to drag, that could be a huge drawback.

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