Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mayor called to account by her own party

The local PP party, lead by the president, José Antonio Ricart, and secretary, José Manuel Sanchez, are calling into question the mayor, Charo Bañuls. They want her to answer, point by point, the concerns that have been addressed to them about decisions taken since the election.
The burning issues are:
  • The closure of the indoor swimming pool
  • The privatisation of the nursery school Bigastrin
  • The decision to make 35 council workers redundant
  • At the same time awarding salaries of 1,500 Euros to four of the councillors and a further part time salary to a fifth
  • Why the father of the lady mayor pays a reduced council tax on a warehouse
The main concern, which has been registered to the party, is that decisions are made day by day without prior planning and more to the point, it seems to be Aurelio Murcia who is making them.

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