Sunday, May 20, 2012

San Isidro

Another hot day to walk all the way from the church to La Predrera, especially if you are carrying the statue of a saint on your shoulders. Plenty made it though and once they were there and had bought themselves a nice cold beer from the bar that was set up ready  for the party to start in earnest.

Tables were laid and food came out of the cool boxes people had brought up. Some had even set up tables outside the main area to enjoy a quiet family lunch. Mind you, once the disco started, things were hardly quiet. It was good to hear the tribute to Donna Summer got a good airing.

IMG_7720 IMG_7761
IMG_7732 IMG_7756
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For those who would like a copy of any of my photos from San Isidro, they are available for you to download from my SkyDrive.

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