Saturday, May 19, 2012

No reminder required

Residents at Villas Andrea will not need reminding that today the Romeria for San Isidro will pass by our estate.

The first indication for us was the gang of young people clearing the weeds from the side of the road up from the town. This morning you will hear the rockets going off in the town as the pilgrims gather ready for mass at the church.

Once mass is over, the parade will make its way up to the hermitage at La Pedrera stopping off for refreshments along the way. The main watering spot these days is at the crossing at the bottom of our estate. They will also make a brief stop at the park at the entrance to the estate. Then it is up the steep hill to La Pedrera.

Once they have placed San Isidro in the hermitage, the party will adjourn to the barbecue area where families will enjoy a picnic. Sadly, these days there isn’t the money to provide a free paella and drinks so you have to either take your own or buy food and drink from the restaurant by the swimming pool.

The party will then continue with a disco and bouncy castles for the children until about 8pm when they will collect San Isidro back from the hermitage and carry him back to the town this time stopping at the park by the new school for refreshments. 

We are encouraged to join in and I know that some of our neighbours plan to take food up and join our Spanish friends.

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