Monday, May 14, 2012

The scourge of society

Although graffiti is a world wide phenomena, it does seem to be a more serious problem here in Spain that some other countries. A few examples of graffiti have artistic merit, most though is downright ugly.

When I see people’s houses and public buildings with indecipherable scrawlings across them it makes me feel both sick and angry. The perpetrators of this mess clearly have no shame or conscious about what they target.

In Orihuela, they have even sprayed their work on the remains of the medieval wall which is designated a site of cultural interest. The wall dates back to between the 12th and 14th Centuries, it deserves to be left alone.

Now there are four different pieces of graffiti on it, the latest dated 2012. The authors have even had the gall to sign their work which hopefully will enable the police to track them down. 

Meanwhile, the city has to find the means to have the graffiti removed in a way that will not damage the wall. 

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