Sunday, May 06, 2012

Que pasa

Sometimes I post a photo on Flickr which I think might attract attention but only get a few viewings and then other times I post pictures which I think will be of little interest and the viewings go off the scale.  The classic one is of three pens which has been viewed 2,319 times, has nine comments and 8 people have bookmarked it as a favourite. Next up is a photo of a pile of bills which has been viewed 1,572 times and is counted as a favourite by 6 people.

One photo which didn't; attract much attention when it was posted was of the two silver rings that I bought from Boots the chemist - they supposedly cure snoring.  The photo was more of a comment than a work of art so I wasn’t at all surprised.

In the last few days though, viewings have gone mad.  On the fourth May, 140 went to look at it, then a further 133 the next day. So far today, a further 79 people have viewed it taking its total to 451. Quite why there is such interest, I have no idea!

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