Thursday, September 07, 2006

At last

It's a given fact that Spain is the noisiest country in Europe.
Why talk when you can shout seems to be the main way of thinking.

However, one thing that manages to annoy even the noisiest Spaniard is the souped-up motorbikes, which damage eardrums wherever they go.Police in Yecla have decided on a course of action to deal with noise pollution. They have taken on patrolling in plain clothes and then sweeping down on the unsuspecting offenders as they ride past. In one day alone last week, they arrested six bikers.

Many of the bikers have tampered with their exhaust pipes in order to create that hellish roar. This in itself is illegal and if caught the perpetrators face a fine of 150 euros. As well as a fine, the bike itself is confiscated until the owner arranges for a police approved mechanic to convert the exhaust back to normal. Afterwards the rider can have his bike back.

The police say that going undercover is the only option available to stop the nuisance bikers, because whenever they see a marked police car, they will take any measures to avoid arrest, endangering both their own lives and those of innocent bystanders in an attempt to escape.

It is time that other Town Halls took a leaf out of Yecla's book and authorised similar measures to beat these selfish louts who are oblivious to the annoyance and misery they cause.

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