Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shop 'till you drop

Yesterday we took John and Jean out for a trip to Ikea in our new Roomster.

Pam has been itching to return to Ikea since she went there on a coach trip not long after it first opened. No problems parking because, unlike the Warrington store we used to visit in England, Murcia's car park is huge. We arrived too late for the 1€ breakfast though but did manage the lunch which was equally good value. When we got to the checkout we met three English people with four trolleys full. After seeing that I thought we'd got off lightly with just 78€ worth of goods.

After lunch we went on to the other nearby shopping malls. John and I were keen to to look in this DIY shop but by the time the girls came out of Primark it was 5:30pm and we'd had enough. Six hours of shopping is five hours too long for me!

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Anonymous said...


YOu are joking aren't you six hours is nothing in the shopping world that is just a warm up!! Well Betty dont you worry we will have a trip to the trafford centre in April!!