Thursday, March 08, 2007


Well the wind is still blowing this morning but nowhere near as fiercely as it was last night. The pony tail palm that I tucked into the corner is still there and the furniture seems to have stayed put.

The fence though took a real battering. The strong wires that I had used to hold it up were just about keeping it from ripping off the wire netting completely. The problem was that at least one of the steel posts that hold the netting up had bent with the force of the wind and the top wire that holds the netting straight had snapped. Rather than leave the fence up to possibly cause further damage we struggled against the wind, avoiding the strongest of gusts and snipped the remaining wires. We now have a whole pile of broken fencing to get rid of!

Looking down at our neighbour below; his plastic cane was holding to the fence but then his is a lot more sheltered. I suppose it is the price we have to pay for living on top of a hill with open views.

Everything on the roof seemed to be fine except that one of the pots was rattling the terrace tile it sits upon which woke me up earlier than I would have liked.

So I have a bit of a job on this morning tiding up all the bits of fence that we took down. I'll also have to screw the clothes lines back to the wall. Then we have to consider how we are going to make the garden private again.

Further update

The wind, which seemed to have abated, has picked up again so I guess we will have to keep the hatches battened down until there is a lull.

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