Thursday, August 07, 2014

Did you wonder?

10505345_339849742836175_4656347526763057103_n In the programme for this year’s fiesta you will find an event called “Fiesta Taurina” taking place on Monday, August 11th at 8pm and may have wondered just what was involved. The poster and the title gives you a good clue.

It is to be a bullfighting festival but not with a real bull (at least I don’t think so).

To take part you need to be armed with a newspaper to whack the bull and you should be dressed in costume as a bullfighter, or a member of the Civil Guard or as a fire-fighter etc..

This will all take place on Calle Aurelano Diaz and from what I understand the object is to run with the bull in honour of San Joaquin.

Sounds potentially dangerous? Remember this is Spain and Spaniards do not know the meaning of fear!

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