Monday, August 11, 2014

Wise precautions

20140811_bando_carrThe madness that marks the end of the fiesta are the fireworks in shopping trolleys which takes place between 3am and 5am on the morning of the 16th. This used to happen on Calle Purisima and then moved to one of the other streets inside a caged area.

For the last couple of years, there has been an enclosure on the waste land in front of Calle Acequia where things are a lot safer for everyone except those mad enough to enter the cage.

Although the cage is very tall, fireworks still come out of the top and those that stand outside still run the risk of getting burnt.

Those who live in the flats overlooking the site and the cafes in the square are advised by the town hall to take the following precautions-

Roll up any sun blinds, close the shutters on windows and don’t leave any washing out. The cafes are advised to take in their chairs, tables and sunshades.

If you do intend to go down to watch, wear a hat to protect your head along with sensible clothing and shoes. If you can manage to get hold of a fireman’s suit then that would probably be best.

For those with more sense than daring, there will likely be a video or two posted on YouTube – rest assured, they will not be mine!

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