Sunday, October 04, 2015

Any suggestions?

When we were in England, one of our neighbourhood cats gave birth to these two kittens on the porch.
Pam found them hiding under the seat pads of the chairs after noticing some rather nasty stains on them.

Having removed the pads to wash them, the kittens have now taken up residence under the garden shed.

We are pretty sure that the mother is returning to feed them because they are growing in size.

Whilst they are clearly adorable, we do not want them to stay and so are leaving them alone and certainly not offering any food. At the same time, we would not want these kittens to come to any harm.

Any suggestions as to what to do would be very welcome.

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Pete said...

They are gorgeous, but as a non-cat lover I'm sure you want shut of them!

Do you know if the parent cat is a pet or a feral? If a pet then you can try and find the owner and make them aware of the kittens. If it's feral...trickier.

I'd suggest trying to block access to the void under the shed if you can and see if they move on. Then after a few weeks consider an ultrasonic repeller as long as you've no young kids nearby.