Sunday, October 18, 2015

Might be too soon to say

The two kittens that were left in our garden by their mother have grown a lot and as they have gotten larger they have become bolder and more adventurous.

The other day we spotted one of them on the roof of the shed. The poor little kitten was crying because it could not find a way back down. Eventually the mother came and she started to feed the distraught feline. The second kitten joined them on the roof and all seemed well until a lorry came trundling down the road. The noise scared the mother off and she scampered back in the direction by which she had arrived. The two kittens though made a leap for the bush by the side of the shed from where they climbed down back to safety.

That was two days ago and since then we have not seen the kittens about. Could it be that the mother has now decided to take them away? Since they will have to fend for themselves and there is no food for them in our garden, it was inevitable that they would have to leave at some point.

Although we did not want the kittens, we wished them no harm. The were cute and fun to watch whilst they were here but still there is no place for cats at our house.

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