Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Do you remember Kay?

Those Brits who live at Villas Andrea may well remember brother and sister -  Kay and Ken Wooden - who originally owned the house next door.

They arrived with four cats, two parrots and a cockatoo. Sadly, one by one, the cats died but were replaced by two delightful kittens along with a couple of feral cats they used to feed.

Although they enjoyed the winter sunshine and the relaxed lifestyle, the summer heat was just too much for Kay. The house had air conditioning installed by the builder but that proved expensive to run and so they got by with just fans.

Ken had a very serious accident some years before arriving which left him with a problem walking, Whilst here, he suffered a heart attack from which he never really recovered. It was very sad because they were good company and very good neighbours.

Eventually, they decided to move to France for its milder summers and rented a house in a small town. From there the pair planned to return to England and found a place outside of York. Sadly, before the move took place, Ken died and so Kay was left on her own with her collection of animals.

Each year we get a Christmas card from Kay letting us know how she is. In this year's card, Kay tells us that she still misses Ken's company but still has the animals for company. She also misses the house in Spain but not the hot weather in summer. I am not sure how close the house in York is to a river, I sincerely hope that she has not suffered during the recent floods that have affected that area.

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