Monday, November 21, 2016

Strictly for my English readers

I guess that some of you at least watch Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday nights - we do.

Those of you that believe the show is about how well the celebrities dance will probably be dismayed that Ed Balls and to a lesser extent, Judge Rinder are still in the show and have escaped the dance off each week.

For sure if either of those two were in a dance off against most of the others, the judges would see them off - especially Ed Balls for whom Craig Revel Horwood hasn't scored more than 4 points most weeks.

According to some newspapers, there are viewers who feel that Ed Balls should now quit and allow the better dancers a chance to survive to the final. They believe that Strictly should be a proper dancing competition. However, those people are clearly in a very small minority because, in spite of being bottom of the leader board each week, Balls has survived.

The fact is that Strictly is no more a serious dancing competition than X Factor is a serious singing competition. Both are about entertainment and Ed Balls is very entertaining which why he garners votes - his Gangnam salsa was surely one of the most entertaining performances on Strictly this year.

Let's face it, many of the viewers are likely not ballroom dancers and would not know a correctly performed pasadoble from a mash up.

Of all the dancers that are left, Danny Mac is probably the best and on that basis should win but who knows. I for one hope that Ed Balls ignores those sour pusses and continues until such time as it is right for him to leave.

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